23 Apr 2014

Top tips: Going on holiday with small kids

Going away on holiday isn't always the easiest of manoeuvres when you have young children in tow. 

Check out these tips on travelling with little ones and surviving family holidays.

Surviving family holidays
Heading away on a family holiday? Check out these tips on how to survive and ensure you all have a great time away.  More ...
Flying with small children

Flying is such an exciting adventure when you’re little, but for parents travelling with small children it isn’t always easy. We take a look at ways to survive your journey and things you need to do before you leave, at the airport and on the plane. More ...

Tips on getting the infant bassinet when you fly

Kids under 2 years old can usually fly for free if they sit on your lap, but that’s not always ideal when you’re flying long haul. Infant bassinets offer the perfect solution! They are not necessarily guaranteed on each flight, but follow these tips to help secure one next time you fly. More ...

Choosing a babysitter or nanny while on holiday

Choosing the right nanny or babysitter to care for your children is one of the most important decisions you will make, especially while you are on holiday or travelling. We look at taking a nanny on your trip and hiring babysitters and temporary nannies at your destination. More ...

Tips for travelling with young kids
It’s always good to get away for a few days, but the thought of travelling with small children can be quite daunting! It needn’t be. With lots of pre-planning, it’ll be an enjoyable break for everyone. Here are a few hints and tips to help you have a holiday to remember! More ...

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31 Mar 2014

Fussy Eaters

Fussy eating is very common in young kids. As parents we face the ongoing challenge of fussy eating, where our children may love a particular food one day and then flat refuse it the next - for no apparent reason! 

Here we provide some helpful tips on fussy eating.
By understanding a little about why young children can be fussy eaters, you can help to alleviate some of the stress around mealtimes and help to make eating fun. More ...

Tips on how to encourage good eating habit and how to make mealtimes that little bit easier! More ...

Don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to fussy eating! Understand that there will be times when your child is simply not hungry and that healthy snacks are as essential for young children as meals. More ...

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1 Feb 2014

Make your own kids paints!

Kids love to paint! Check out these easy to make homemade paint ideas.

Choose from one or more of the following paint recipes including: snow paints, bread paints, edible finger paints, shaving foam paints & watercolour paints.

Snow paints

Such a fun thing to do during winter and so easy to make. No need to go outside. Stay warm indoors and help your little ones make their own snow creations. Here’s the snow paint recipe.

Bread paints

Make breakfast and lunchtime more fun for the kids by painting their bread! It’s cheap and easy to do too. Here’s the bread paints recipe.

Edible finger paints

OK a bit messy, but lots of fun! Make your own edible finger paint for the kids. It’s cheap to make and safe to use and if there’s any left over, store it in the fridge or freezer to use for another day. Here’s the edible finger paints recipe.

Shaving foam paints

Try this recipe for shaving foam paint. It’s the perfect bathtime activity. A puffy foam paint that dissolves in the bath water. Kids will love it! Here’s the shaving foam paints recipe.

Watercolour paints

Follow our simple instructions on how to make your own watercolour paints! Easy to do, safe for kids and you may already have all of the ingredients in your pantry! Here’s the watercolour paints recipe.

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6 Dec 2013

Fun Christmas food ideas for kids

Check out these Christmas recipe ideas for kids. Easy to make & sure to be a hit! 

Christmas Gingerbread Reindeers
Kids will love these Christmas gingerbread reindeers! So easy to make. Just simply turn your gingerbread men biscuits upside down and decorate, using the gingerbread men legs for reindeer antlers and the gingerbread men arms for the reindeers ears. More:
Christmas Pizzas
These pizzas are perfect for kids (and adults!) over the festive season. Design your own pizzas using homemade or shop bought pizza bases, cut out some Christmas shapes, add your kids’ favourite toppings and cook! There are no set rules, so be as creative as you like! More:

Christmas Pudding Sandwich
Kids will love this Christmas pudding sandwich for their lunch. What’s more it’s a healthy snack and easy to make! More:

Gingerbread Christmas Trees

Use this gingerbread recipe to create your own festive gingerbread Christmas trees. Easy to make and decorate. More:

Festive Strawberry Santas

They look almost too good to eat! Follow this easy recipe to make your own festive strawberry santas. More:

Rudolph The Red Nose Orange

Make your kids Christmas lunchboxes and snacks fun with Rudolph the red nose orange! Healthy to eat and easy to make! Follow these simple instructions. More:

Christmas Watermelon Lollipops

Follow this easy recipe on how to make Christmas watermelon lollipops. A fun healthy Christmas snack idea for kids in the lead up to Christmas and over summer. More:

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